Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keratin Express?
Keratin Express is a professional hair care company specializing in treatments to repair damaged hair.

Where can I purchase your products?
Keratin Express products can be purchased at beauty salons across the United States.

Can I purchase Keratin Express products on line, via the internet?
We only sale to professional hair salons and can't guarantee the authenticity of our products when purchased through the internet.

Can I use Keratin Express Products even though I get my hair colored by a different company?
Yes. Keratin Express Products are compatible with all other product lines because we specialize in treatments. We work synergisticly with other brands.

Keratin Express Shampoo and Conditioner

Is your shampoo sulfate free?
Yes, we are sulfate and paraben free.

Will your conditioner weigh my hair down?
No, our conditioning molecules are very light-weight and are designed to deliver conditioning without a heavy greasy feeling.

Daily Keratin

What is Daily Keratin for?
Daily Keratin is designed to be a take home version of the professional keratin smoothing treatments - aldehyde free. Performance lasts, shampoo to shampoo.

Extra Keratin

How long does the service take?
30 to 40 minutes with haircut. Yes, you can get a haircut while service is processing.

Will this service make my hair bone straight?
No, we are not breaking hair bonds. You will still keep your body without the frizz. Multiple uses will reduce curl by 10 % to 15 % after 3 our more services in a 12 week time frame.

Can I get this service with my hair color?
Yes, but with any chemical service always do a strand test first.

Does the Brunette formula use an aldehyde?
Yes, the Brunette formula uses a small % of glued rally. Some people are allergic to aldehydes. A patch test should always be done before any chemical service.

Does the Blonde formula have an aldehyde?
No, the blonde formula uses glycalic acid, which is very good for softening and reducing the frizz. This formula is not as strong as the other 2 formulas. If you like the other formulas the blonde formulas may be a little too soft.

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